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Is there a way to restrict information mobile users can see?  For example, (with project/job costing) can a project manager only be presented with his/her specific jobs, cost codes, etc. and not the entire project/cost code, account groups?  In particular, asking this in regard to Advanced Expense Management mobile users who would select the appropriate project, etc., after OCR has run?

Of course, this would apply to other mobile users who need to interact with manufacturing, distribution, etc.


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@pchappell19 i am not aware of way to achieve this without a customization however, i do believe that when you select a project and then go to select a cost code, there are two tabs that show up, all records and project codes.  that could help reduce errors

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Hi There,

If you use the “Restrict Employees” option on the Projects screen and then list the applicable employees on the Employees screen of the Project Profile, this will restrict these projects to only the listed employees.

“Employees Tab

The tab contains a list of the employees assigned to the project and the relevant details about each employee.

If the Restrict Employees check box is selected for the project on the Summary tab of this form, only the listed employees can create activities and documents associated with the current project, which includes creating activities on the Activities tab of this form, time cards on the Employee Time Card (EP305000) form, or project transactions on the Project Transactions (PM304000) form.”

(it’s not mentioned in the documentation, but I’ve seen it in action that this applies to Expense Receipts/Expense Claims as well)

Any projects without “Restrict Employees” selected would be visible to all employees.

You can also get into restriction groups - but that can be a lot of work to maintain! 

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You will need to activate Row-level security first then from the Project Access screen (PM102000) define who has access to which project and the system will do the rest. When you restrict project access, in the project selector people only will see those projects they have access to and as a result, all derivatives from the project (Task, Cost Code, Budgets, Billing, Transactions ...) also will be limited to the projects with permission. 

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Hi @pchappell19 


In Acumatica, you can set up user roles to reflect different levels of access and responsibilities within your organization. Utilize Row-Level Security (RLS) to limit data visibility based on specific conditions, such as allowing project managers to view only their assigned projects and cost codes. Customize mobile access rights for each role to ensure mobile users see relevant options and data. By configuring roles, security permissions, RLS, and mobile access settings, you can control the information mobile users can see, aligning with their roles and responsibilities across various modules.

Mobile Access Configuration: Acumatica allows you to customize the mobile access rights for each role individually. You can specify which screens and functionalities are available to mobile users based on their roles. This ensures that mobile users, like project managers or expense management users, are presented with relevant options and data specific to their responsibilities.

Hope, it helps!





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