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  • 11 December 2023
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Just wondering if I’m missing something here. In all of the help topics, it says to login with a mock username and password to test the implementation activity- but when I try to do that, I get an invalid login message. I want to be able to explore and kind of play around with the things I don’t have permissions to in our actual company acumatica- so I can see what processes we’re not using that could be helpful to us. It seems like the help topics are giving a login for exactly that reason, to go around and explore things and practice without actually changing things in the companies system set up. Am I wrong in this, or am I just missing a step in the process?

For context- I’m a newish admin assistant and from what I have explored in the acumatica help topics, we are severely under utilizing the ERP. I want to be able to go in and explore things I don’t have access to in our currently set-up system, without messing up any of our settings. I was hoping to be able to access whatever login is given in the help articles (eg. brawner 123 password) to be able to “fake” some processes and explore what we could be doing differently. It’s hard to just read the help articles without being able to actually get my hands in there and see what’s up. 

If anyone has the answer to this, or any ideas for how I could go about exploring all modules of the system outside of our pre-existing company data- that would be amazing!


Thanks in advance! 


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Hey There!

The usernames in the help articles are coming from the demo/training data that is available for the Acumatica Open University courses. 

The Open University courses should walk you through how to download a copy of Acumatica for training purposes and the training data set that you can use to play around with.  This will let you test pretty much all of the modules (some things like Document Recognition require a license, which the training version won’t have).




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