How much 'customization' is done by end users vs. Partners?

  • 19 May 2021
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I’m curious to know how advanced most Acumatica end users are.  It seems that the only way to really get value out of Acumatica is to take advantage of generic inquires, dashboards, import and export scenarios, etc. and the other ‘middle-way’ programming features.  Are these mainly done by the Acumatica partners for their clients or do most end-users become skilled at these the way Excel has made ‘programmers’ out of ‘regular’ business folks?  Or are the majority of end-users large corporations that have IT departments working hand in hand with the Partner making customization projects and the small business market still pretty small?


The is partially just curiosity, but I’d also like to get a sense of what our expectations should be for a Partner and what they, in turn, expect or are used to dealing with from us.  Having seen some amazing, custom, Acumatica setups I am always wondering if that’s the result of staff working with Acumatica for multiple years or a skilled Partner/consultant knowing exactly what the clients needs are.


We probably have more partners here then end users, but I’d love to hear everyone experience!

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I’m not sure what a typical partner-customer relationship looks like. My company tends to be self-sufficient (almost to a fault) and will prefer to do everything ourselves when possible.

We leaned on our partner during the planning and implementation. After the dust settled from the go-live we became less reliant on our partner for consulting and support requests were rare.  Our partner is still involved in developing and maintaining our customizations and third-party products.

These ‘middle-way’ features are exactly why I love Acumatica as a platform. We took ownership of all reporting and imports from the beginning. The learning curve was steep, but the payoff was well worth it since we create and manage all of these internally with frequent changes being made through iterative design.

I may not go to my partner very often, but that is largely due to the plethora of great resources that keep growing. Outside of my personal experimentation and learning, I draw a lot of inspiration from community resources in addition to the Acumatica Community platform (AUG Forums, partner blogs and YouTube videos, Acumatica Developers Blog, Technical Tuesday posts, etc.). At the risk of sounding preachy - getting hands on, being involved in the forums, and consuming Acumatica content has definitely elevated our Acumatica experience.


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