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  • 15 December 2023
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I had a client recently respond with their acumatica instance in dark mode (at least that’s what it looks like to me!) and i was wondering if anyone in the community knew how to make this change? i thought it was the browser but when i switched chrome to dark mode, acumatica’s screens were still white.  this is what i’m looking for:

this would be an awesome feature (i saw a similar idea which i’ve included below but it seems to be about 4 years old so hopefully this reignites a spark)



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It could be that they designed a dark theme for Acumatica, which is entirely possible. The drawback of this is that a theme is universally applied and not everyone likes dark mode.


There are also browser extensions that force all webpages into a sort of dark mode. The benefit of this is that it is only applied at the browser level, so it doesn’t affect everyone using the system. It can be confusing to some people, and it doesn’t always look good due to it not really being a supported theme.

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HI @iqraharrison48 

Is this for all users or just one? Dark mode as @darylbowman  stated is not supported out of the box so they either added it to their browser or an extension was used. 

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@Kandy Beatty @darylbowman it was just one user asking about it so i will make sure they know that if any change is made it’s done globally and not just at the user level.

i did show them you can switch to dark mode through your browser but acumatica’s screens weren’t really affected so she wasn’t loving it! told her i would ask around and see what i can find out!

thank you both for your help!


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Changing your browser to dark mode is not the same as changing the web pages to dark mode. But a browser extension (like this one) can force web pages into dark mode.


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