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I have a timecard for an employee April 1, 2022;  this happens to be his first time card; however I would like to create all of his time cards from Jan 1, 2022.


The Employee Generate Time card only creates timecards for the first time card forward?


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Hey @bzelinski !

I had a feeling this was going to be my best option. I was already thinking about doing it this way in our payroll system but was hoping I could get a fix for the timecard first. I appreciate your response on this. Thanks

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Hi @nspretz ,

I don’t know of a way to create a timecard from the week before, but what you can do is create a payroll batch for this employee for the week of 7/17-7/23.

Under the ‘EARNING’ tab you can go ahead and manually enter the hours or amount of pay for each day, and you will be able to process the paycheck even though there is no timecard for this week. Of course you will need to have the user rights to create the payroll batch.

I hope this helps.


We are having the same issue we have a new hire that submitted the wrong week for his timecard. Is there a way to generate the previous week? We are needing 7/17-7/23/2023 timecard but he submitted 7/24-7/30/2023. 


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Yes, @Kruj. We are having the same problem. The date was set to the wrong week on a timecard, and now we can’t go to previous weeks.

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This doesn’t solve the issue of if a new employee starts and accidentally selects the wrong starting week, we can no longer go back in time to change their start date in Acumatica, so now there is no possible way to enter their hours for the previous week (you can’t delete released timecards). 

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You can also use this method after setting your business date:

If you go to the employee screen EP203000 and then select then select the employment history tab there is a generate a timecards button. When selected it will prompt for an end date. If this has not changed in newer version once you select generate it will generate and release 0 hours timecards for the period entered.

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Hello Phillip, 


Do you have the Business Date Override Role?  If so you can modify your date in the upper right hand corner after login before creating the first time card.  Don’t forget to change your date back when you are finished. 


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