Approval Routing Has Stopped Working Suddenly

  • 24 August 2023
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We have a Bills and Adjustments Approval routing set up for one of our tenants, with a very simple routing that flows to a workgroup of approvers. All of a sudden, today, we are unable to approve any of the Bills stuck in Pending Approval. Nothing about our routing has changed, and I have even tried creating a new routing, creating test users to assign the routing to, and we are unable to successfully approve. Has anyone encountered this, or know where we should begin to look? 

It doesn't matter if we create brand new routing, assign new users as the approver, etc, we continue to get the message “You are not an authorized approver for this document”

Thanks for your insight!


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7 replies

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Hello @mdyer 


Kindly post screenshots of your testing so we can look further into your concern, thank you.

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Hello @Novstat  - Here you go! 

The approval routing, a very basic setup that has been the same for about 1.5 years now, and has worked successfully the entire time:

Here are the members of the workgroup that the routing is assigned to (note: I have tried changing this to just myself, or another singular user and we get the same error)

Here is user Christie Gilmore’s error message when attempting to approve this, even with Pending Approval stating that it is pending the approval of the workgroup she belongs to

Thank you!

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Hi @mdyer 

You’re approval map seems fine but can you click the search button on the Employee field if the employees you set on the company tree will show? Thanks.


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I’m not sure I have the answer but I have some ideas.

We don’t need the first two conditions. Branch should never be blank on a document or line of a document, even if you only have companies without branches, so we don’t need that line. Please disable this condition, as a test.

We don’t need the second line, as all documents with active approval maps will begin on Hold and status will update to Pending Approval when Hold is removed. Please disable this condition, as a test.

If you mark one of the two Corporate Finance Approvers as the “Owner” (default approver), does this make any difference in their ability to approve the document?

Does it make any difference if the document is approved in AP  Bills & Adjustments screen, versus in the Approvals screen?

Are there any customizations in place?  If none of the above works, then please try temporarily un-publishing customizations.

Do you have any ideas, what changed since this last worked?  Was there an upgrade, a new customization, changes in roles, etc.?


Thank you!



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Thank you @Laura02  and @Novstat!

@Novstat  I had an employee assigned there, and had tried both as owners at different times in testing to no avail.

@Laura02  that’s great information about the individual lines in the approval routing. We have had no changes in this tenant to roles, or customizations, this seemingly happened out of nowhere.

There weird thing is that this has appeared to have fixed itself. We attempted this morning with the same setup,routing,app maps, approvers etc that were failing last night, and the approval was successful. No changes had been made since last night when it was failing. Perhaps a system glitch?

I appreciate everyone’s time and responses on this. Thank you!

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Hi @mdyer were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Hi @Chris Hackett , none of the suggested solutions worked, but oddly enough, the next day, the routing with the same exact setup that was failing, had seemed to resolve itself and has not presented an issue since. Perhaps a server/system error at the time? 



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