AP Vendor Price ValidateDuplicate ignores effective and expiration dates and throws AR.Messages error instead of AP.Messages

  • 22 January 2024
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I have checked several versions of 23r1 and 24r1 to find that every version I check has a problem with complaining of duplicate entry while ignoring the Effective and Expiration dates of APVendorPriceMaint.  I recall from some time back that we could enter a future dated price for a supplier by setting the expiration of the current record for the price break and entering an effective date after the (or maybe on same) expiration date.  While POCreate goes through several layers of code to get to where it selects a price that accounts for effective and expiration dates, APVendorPriceMaint.ValidateDuplicate does not use this logic.  Furthermore, the error message thrown is AR.Messages.DuplicateSalesPrice making me think this might be a copy/paste error from similar logic in an AR screen.



Is this a bug as it appears or an intentional change from past behavior?  I am on Build 23.114.0025.


Best answer by Samvel Petrosov 22 January 2024, 18:03

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2 replies

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@Brian Stevens what happens if you change the filter “Effective As Of” to something greater than 1/22/2024 before entering that line? 

Interesting.  Although I had the error on save and could not see the record, I did see the record when I pushed that date past expiration of my last record.  If I expire the old one first and then set the date in the filter and THEN enter the record, no error.  I’ll give credit that this works, but how then would my buyer see that future pricing is setup?  Functionally, this seems like a mess.  On a whim, I tried blanking out the date field on the filter, which actually worked to give me the behavior I was expecting.

I think I will start the process to consider a customization to default the filter’s date to be blank.  At the very least, I need to update training to blank the date filter.  Thanks Samvel!


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@Brian Stevens what happens if you change the filter “Effective As Of” to something greater than 1/22/2024 before entering that line? 


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