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  • 1 November 2023
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I need instructions on how to enter an Accts Payable vendor credit.   I was advised to select Credit Adj and then remove the negative value from totals.  But once processed, credit is not showing up as a credit.  Cannot leave negative value in there because Acumatica gives me an error message saying it won’t release invoice as a negative value.  To which I think, “uh duh, it’s supposed to be a negative value.”  lol   Debit Adj also does not work.   Help please!  ;)    Thanks! 


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Hi @JodiK 

You would not put a negative value on the debit adjustment

Here is the link in the help for that:


Step 1: Creating a Debit Adjustment



To create a debit adjustment, do the following:

  1. Open the Bills and Adjustments (AP301000) form.
  2. Click Add New Record on the form toolbar, and specify the following settings in the Summary area:
    • TypeDebit Adj.
    • VendorSTATOFFICE
    • Date2/11/2024
    • Description: Discount from vendor
  3. On the Details tab, click Add Row and specify the following settings for the added row:
    • BranchHEADOFFICE (inserted by default)
    • Transaction Descr.: Discount from vendor
    • Ext. Cost: 5.00
  4. On the form toolbar, click Save.


Step 2: Releasing the Debit Adjustment

To release the debit adjustment, do the following:

This gives the debit adjustment the Balanced status. You can release only documents that have this status.

This gives the debit adjustment the Open status.

  1. While you are still on the Bills and Adjustments (AP301000) form, click Remove Hold on the form toolbar.
  2. On the form toolbar, click Release.
  3. On the Financial tab, click the batch number to review the batch that the system has generated. Notice that the debit journal entry reduces the balance of the 20000 (Accounts Payable) account by $5.


Step 3: Applying the Debit Adjustment to the Bill

To apply the debit adjustment to the bill, do the following:

The system navigates to the Checks and Payments (AP302000) form.

The system applies the full amount of the debit adjustment ($5) to the bill. After you apply the debit adjustment, $95 ($100 – $5) remains on the balance of the bill, which is displayed in the Balance column. The debit adjustment applied to the bill is shown in the following screenshot.

The application of the debit adjustment before releaseThe application of the debit adjustment before release

The debit adjustment gets the Closed status because the full balance of the debit adjustment has been applied.

  1. While you are still on the Bills and Adjustments (AP301000) form, on the form toolbar, click Apply.
  2. On the Checks and Payments form, in the Application Date box, make sure 2/11/2024 is selected.
  3. On the table toolbar of the Documents to Apply tab, click Add Row and in the Reference Nbr. column, select the $100 bill.
  4. In the Amount Paid column, specify 5.
  5. On the form toolbar, click Release to release the application.



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Hello @JodiK ,

If you need to reduce the amount owed to your vendor, please enter a Debit Adjustment document type, with positive total and positive amounts on the lines.  Debit Adjustments debit (reduce) the AP Account balance and reduce the amount owed to vendors.




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