Add subtotals on Employee Time Card Summary

  • 23 September 2020
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Hi there -

If you are viewing a Timecard, it is easy to see the total Time Spent for each line (project/task/labor item/etc.). It is not easy to see the total Time Spent per day. If the employee is working on many different projects and tasks throughout the week, it is difficult to get a quick picture on how many hours they worked for a given day.

Subtotals by day on the Summary tab of the Employee Time Card seems like a quick, but very useful addition.




5 replies

Trying to do the exact same thing right now as all my colleagues hate not knowing their total hours for each specific day. Creating a new column that has Total Monday,tuesday,wednesday etc. But I have no clue how to sum the values that are within that column. I’m assuming this would need some coding done but I’m not sure. 

Wish there were videos on this topic and not just how to add a simple string/Boolean field to a screen.  

All - our comments in the discussion forum is not enough. To make this happen it needs to be submitted as an idea in “Product Ideas”. Please visit here and upvote!!

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Is this a customization you support? would there be a fee if we wanted to have it for a client? or ourselves even :)  ?

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We did a customization for that and other time card deficiencies.


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Completely Agree!!


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