WMS Picking Issues - Seeing a shipment has been picked and partial picks

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My client is having two issues and I am not sure how to answer them. They are commenting that the WMS solution is causing them the same amount of work as if they did paper and pen. They are currently using pick sheets but testing paperless picking.  They do not do the Pack portion of pick, pack ship as their process does not need it.

  1. There does not seem to be an easy way to see which orders have a completed pick ticket ready to be shipped and invoiced. How can we see this information?
  2. With paperless picking and if the shipment is a partial pick and the user on the scanner confirms that the picking should be confirmed short, why doesn’t the shipment reflect the partial pick? 

Thank you in advance.


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We have a client that was facing a similar issue.  When you short pick a sales order, Acumatica will correct the sales order and show the items on back order when you confirm the shipment.  This works when you are picking and confirming with a scan gun or when picking and confirming the shipment on the web app.  Be advised it does not make the correction if you pick the shipment with a scan gun and confirm on the web app.  In this case you will manually have to change the shipment quantity on the shipment line otherwise it will close the sales order.  We had a case in with Acumatica and this was their response.  Hope this helps.

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@ericwolfe74 Thanks to the reply. This client is set to cancel remainder for their orders so there is nothing to go on backorder. If I am understanding your response, the issue is that Acumatica does not seem to like the combination of picking and confirming with a scanner and the web. This seems like a bug or omission in the application because it should not matter where the client performs the action.

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@frankfiorentino81 - Are they printing the Picking Worksheets?

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@RohitBhandurge No, they are moving to paperless picking.

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I think it would be useful to understand how the WMS feature in Acumatica works. If you go to the Shipments screen in Acumatica, you can fill in the shipping quantites for each line of an order and then mark the order Shipped.

The Acumatica mobile picking interface is just doing the same thing, using the mobile app. The problem is that you cannot progressively fill in this interface from multiple clients (i.e. desktop and mobile). In Acumatica, either the shipment is “shipped”, and the inventory is then taken out, or it is not shipped, and the inventory is still all there. There is no intermediate bucket of inventory to represent “currently being picked”.

As a consequence, it is not possible to synchronize the state of the order between multiple clients, and so whoever marks the order shipped first will win (i.e. mobile vs. desktop). You will also potentially run into issues with the cache being dirty if you try to pick the same order from mulitple interfaces, but I have not tested this.

To the extent that a WMS system is supposed to facilitate the real-time movement of goods in a warehouse, Acumatica’s WMS is not a WMS. It has use cases for a single person shipping goods out of a warehouse at low volume (therefore no conflicts with other workers), or if you segment your warehouse physically so that only one person will ever pick from the same areas, but otherwise it is probably not a good idea to try to use this thinking it will function as a full featured WMS. You are not the first person to assume that because this feature is marketed as “WMS” by Acumatica that it is indeed a fully functional WMS. I have been critical of their team in the past for marketing this feature in this way.


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Hi @frankfiorentino81 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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@frankfiorentino81 , it is possible to do pack only mode if there are not separate pick and pack processes in the warehouse.  In the Sales Order Preferences - you would enable Display the Pack tab and leave other options (such as Pick) unchecked.

I will reach out to you via email as well to meet you.  






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