Where to see the Physical Inventory history

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Does anyone knnow where in the system I might be able to find the history of a physical inventory by item?   Is there a report or  screen where I can access that or pehaps someone knows the underlying table that I could look at through the DAC browser?   Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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If the item was counted but not adjusted (stock was correct already) then it would not show up on the transaction history. We are suggesting that it would be nice to be able to see the last count date without relying on the part having to have been adjusted.

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You could use the inventory Transaction History.  You can enter a specific stock item and date and see when the last time it was counted by the transaction type of adjustment.  If the reference number matches a physical inventory review then that would confirm the transaction was a physical inventory count and not a manual adjustment.  Other than that it would be a custom report or GI.

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That would be a great field, I don’t think it is available. Maybe it should be added as a feature request, it would be useful to just have a field on a stock item showing the last time a PI was completed for said stock item.

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It would show if there was an adjustment.  My goal is to be able to see the history of physical inventory by date.  I figure it must be in the system somewhere since the Physical Inventory types by movement class and by ABC know when and how many times an item has been counted.   I would like the same level of info if I count a list of items 

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If you open the individual inventory item and you look on the sidebar you can see “Inventory Transaction History”. Make sure you change the start date to earlier in the year, as it usually sets to the first day of the current month. That will show any time there has been purchases, receipts, or number in stock quantity adjustments. Does that show what you are looking for?


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Thank you both for those suggestions.  However, what I am looking for is to look at a specific item and see the last time it was counted. I dont think either idea will provide that.

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Hi, @lorneweinstein  Below screens might help you with the History of Physical Inventory.



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Hello @lorneweinstein ,

Acumatica provides its users with the flexibility to create Audit Histories for most of the screens. The below mentioned blog might be helpful to you.


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