Warning of duplicate inventory ID when entering Sales Order/Invoice, or Purchase Order rows.

  • 28 March 2024
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Is there some way in Acumatica to warn users, during entry, that the Inventory ID exist in another row?  


A clerk inputs a Sales Order, Invoice, or PO with numerous items, 30+, including Item A. Later on they get a request to ‘add’ Items B to the order but they inadvertently select Item A

So the order is now has two rows with Inventory ID Item A.  

Required behavior:

  1. A popup prompt to notifying user that the Inventory ID already exist on the document
  2. Place a warning icon adjacent to the duplicate Inventory IDs 






4 replies

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Hello @thomassherman51 ,

With standard Acumatica features, there is no checkbox option we could choose that will automatically provide a warning or error to a user when a Sales Order contains the same item on multiple lines.

I do not see your idea in the Ideas section of Acumatica Community. Please add it so others may vote and add their comments.

It is possible to add warnings to Sales Order lines with customizations. Please review this previous post where a developer is adding custom code to the Sales Order Lines: 



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Hello Laura,


Thanks for your response and I will take your suggestion and post this as an idea.

Will look at the popup message customization you shared to see how this would be implemented in a duplicate Inventory ID scenario.  


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Hey @thomassherman51 !

I hope you are well my friend!  For your scenario, the most elegant development solutions will be like what @Laura02 suggested. 

However, one option may be to create a GI with Sales Orders and their lines, then grouped by SOOrder.OrderNbr and SOLine.InventoryID.  In the Results, you can do a Count on SOLine.InventoryID, and then create a filter for instances where the Count > 1.

From there, you can create a Business Event or KPI or whatever else you like to help identify the scenario.  Now, any kind of alert like that is going to be after the fact, so I can understand why an instant pop-up is better.  But perhaps something based on a GI is “good enough.”


Best of luck!

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Hello @craig2 , 

Thanks for your suggestion.

However, the user needs to be warned on selection of the duplicate item or on ‘saving’ the transaction.  


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