Tracking Shipping Box/Package Inventory

  • 14 February 2023
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We’d like to be able to link shipping boxes (Sales Orders-->Preferences) to shipping box stock items so we can track when we need to re-order shipping boxes.  Other than kitting, any ideas?


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7 replies

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@Dana Moffat that’s been our concern with doing it this way as well! Do you have recommendations for a better way?

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As a distribution company promoted via website sales we go through a lot of boxes. I’d love to see a solution that pairs with a shipping integration so it flows in a logical way all the way through! These workarounds do help for the time being, thanks for sharing them. Keep us posted 👍

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Please consider any accounting implications to setting up a supply as a stocked item.  - Dana

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@Dave Gutman  - I haven’t played around too much with related items yet, but this sounds like a great tip! thanks for sharing. 

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Hi @brucewarrell96, Please consider the following:

  • Create the corrugated (boxes) as Stock Items and track inventory quantities on these items as @eshahid98 describes.
  • On each item that requires a stocked box - go to the Related Items tab of the Stock Item form and add a row for the box.  The Relation would be set to Other, the Item ID would be the box item created in the prior step, set the quantity (presumably 1), and set the row as Required and Active.
  • On the Sales Order form enter a line for the item with the Related Item of a box. The Related Items column for that line will be flagged, and it is just a couple of clicks to add the related item for the box.
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Hi @brucewarrell96 

there is nothing out of the box in Acumatica. From my point of view this could be solved with an internal process easily:

  • Create for the packaging stations own warehouses for the packaging materials (e.g. your boxes).
  • transfer the material from the “normal warehouse” to this new warehouse.
  • book the materials out, which were delivered to the packaging warehouses.
  • you can extend this with an automated transfer to the packaging warehouse.
  • now you can have a replenishment to your “normal warehouse” for your packaging material and transfer it as mentioned to the packaging warehouses.

Everything else will be to much effort…

What do you think?

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You could add the box as a stock item on each SO. But that doesn’t sound very efficient. Maybe a customization to auto-add a certain box, linked to the stock item, to the SO. Then another customization to not display the box line on the printed SO and Invoice docs. I don’t think there is anything out of box that consumes boxes from the Boxes screen. 


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