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  • 11 March 2021
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The following error message "There is no active notification source to perform the operation" is displayed when attempting to send an email from a screen (eg: Sales order screen SO301000).
Do you have a solution to fix it?


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Hello @sylan,

There is no active notification source to process the operation. error usually means that some configuration for mailing is missing. Make sure that one of the following options is configured:

  • On the Reporting Settings tab of the Sales Orders Preferences (SO101000) form, a notification template is set up for the SALES ORDER mailing.
  • On the Mailing Settings tab of the Customer Classes (AR201000) form, a notification template is set up for the SALES ORDER mailing.
  • On the Mailing Settings tab of the Customers (AR303000) form, a notification template is set up for the SALES ORDER mailing.

For more info, refer to the following article for an example of setting up mailing settings in the AR module for INVOICE mailing: 


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In case @Irina solution does not work for emailing the SO does not work.It is my experience that emailing the SO is unique, I had to put the Notification ID in the report definition.

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@sylan howdy!

my experience is similar in nature so I’ll share with you what I’ve done and maybe there’s something of value for you to work with.


Sales Orders

If you open the Sales Order, click on ACTION : Print Sales Order the system will render the SO using so641010.rpx.

If you hit SEND it will, by default, utilize the Notification Template : SalesOrderNotification and you should be good to go.

I’ve found that so641010.rpx is what controls which template is being used [ Properties / Behavior / MailSettings / TemplateID : SalesOrderNotification ]. In my case I’ve opted to make the template selection process branch sensitive and have changed it from SalesOrderNotification to ='SalesOrderNotification_'+[Branch.BranchCD] then created a new Notification Template with a suffix of ‘_’+BranchCD

Bam! works like a charm...



Feeling good about this whole idea established while working on SOs I proceeded to implement the same thing for Quotes via cr604500.rpx and while the TemplateID was empty I populated it with ='QuotationNotification_'+[Branch.BranchCD] and BAM! Worked like a charm.

I’m feelin’ good at this moment...

Then I figured I should get the ACTION : Send Quote working… guess what I encountered… “There is no active notification source to process the operation”

Now what? yup, now I’m stuck too.


I’m inclined to think that @Concannon might have a point.


@Irina I’ve taken a look at all three screens…

SO101000 has things defined

Mail Settings for AR201000 and AR303000 all seem to “align”. interesting look though. looks like you could explicitly set custom report per “function” per customer… nice! though might get a little complicate lol

frankly, I wouldn’t know if something was amiss in this section or not. your insights would be greatly appreciated!


@Irina, I’ll let you know if I manage to get past this one.





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@jmckinnon , I looked at the SO Quote Notification and noticed that <Print, Send> uses the Report Settings (1st image) and <Actions, Email Quote> uses the Notification Template (2nd image).

My experience in setting up Notifications (at least in the Sales Order Workspace) is the Reporting Settings in SO Preferences are used as a default for new Customer Classes. The Notification you want to use must be designated in Customer Classes, Mailing Settings (or customer, but I have never setup things this granular)

Unmodified Report
Quote Activities showing two different subject lines
Customer Class



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