Sales Orders - RM & RC doesnt show Orginal SO Number

  • 17 August 2022
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Hi All,

After we issue an Invoice, there are some cases we have to cancel the Invoice & SO, or adjust the price, we create RM & RC from SO Screen for current. 

But there are no identification signs on the Original SO that show the Original SO is canceled.

It seems we can not know which SO is canceled and which one is processed successfully.

Do you have any idea about this?

Thank you so much,

Yên Chi


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6 replies

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Hi @chidao ,

We are currently conducting user interviews about the Customer Returns/Refunds process with end-users.  If you are interested in participating, please indicate your interest in this thread.  If so, we’ll reach out with proposed date/times to meet.  We are conducting 1hr end-user interviews via Teams.

It looks like you might have some valuable feedback and we would like to hear from you.




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Hi @chidao 

I tried a few different ways to link these and it did not work for me. Your process is correct.

The only other idea that I had was to create a Generic Inquiry to show them all. 

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HI @chidao 

Can you please share screenshots of the steps you are taking? 

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Hi @chidao ,

We will send you some proposed date/times for your time zone.  



HI @Dana Moffat 

Thank you for your reply. We would love to do that. Please advise the available time.

Many thanks,

Yên Chi


Hi @kbeatty21 , please review steps as below:

  1. Create SO, Shipment, and Invoice as normal SO-Invoice.mp4
  2. Situation: after issuing invoice, want to cancel Invoice & receipt goods => Create SO RC RC.mp4
  • Create SO RC and add SO Invoice want to cancel
  • Create Shipment
  • Create SO Invoice
  1. Situation: after issuing the invoice, want to adjust prices => Create SO RM RM.mp4
  • Create SO RM and add SO Invoice
  • Create Receipt
  • Create SO Invoice
  • Open SO RM above - adjust qty + price
  • Create Shipment
  • Create SO Invoice

Is it possible to have something linked between SO and SO RM or SO RC? It would be helpful for managing SO, we can know which SO is completed and which ones is cancel or adjust.

Thanks in advance,

Yên Chi


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