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  • 4 December 2020
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Does anyone know the best way to join an SOLine to the PO Link?  Im looking to add this information into a report but can’t find the best way to join the information.  See my screen shot.




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3 replies

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The PO link data is stored in the SOLineSplit DAC.  I’ve attached the XML for a simple GI that provides the below results, which includes the field you highlighted.  Hopefully this gives you a good base to build upon.




In case the XML doesn’t import cleanly, here’s the relevant GI screens, in this case simply filtered to a single SO for brevity:



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Hi @zoeymuff 

There’s a few ways to do reporting in Acumatica, which you can find in the online help.  What you see above (the graphical stuff) comes from the Generic Inquiry screen, which lets you (fairly) easily write queries against your data. As far as I know, all methods of reporting generate an XML file in the background, but you don’t typically need to worry about it.

I believe a “normal” user can learn to create the various reporting methods, as long as they can understand the data, how it is accessed/stored, and how to relate it together (such as a sales order (SOOrder) to a sales order line (SOLine).

Hope this helps reduce some of your concern.



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i have a question, we are not yet Acumatica customer, whenever we need to customize a report, do we have to write something like this? it is almost scary! since a normal user will not be able to write something like this. it should be user friendly, this definitely not

thank you



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