Reporting Sales Order Changes

  • 23 November 2022
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Version 2021R2. We get an EDI 850 from the client. We produce a sales order in Acumatica using True Commerce APIs. Later, our customer sends us an EDI 860 modification order. Our company Tripp Shrooms does not want the previous sales order in Acumatica to automatically be updated with this change order.

Instead, our company requests that we create an exception report that details the information contained in the 860 (such as the header information and line item data) and creates error messages if the sales order on Acumatica differs from the 860 change order. Give an exception message, for instance, if the amount of a line item has changed or if a new line item has been added to the sales order. The customer service representative would receive this exception report. 

who would examine the modifications and, if approved, manually enter them on the Acumatica sales order.

Has software been developed that can generate unique change order tables (header, lines, and notes) and then compare them to already-existing sales orders in Acumatica?




1 reply

Also looking for this functionality. I know @timpollard36 was working on a customization for this.


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