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  • 17 January 2022
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I can’t find a report or inquiry that displays project specific inventory quantity. The only time you get to see the quantity for project specific inventory is when you add a line with an inventory item on the sales order, shipment, transfer or issue form, then the information gets displayed in the footer section of the screen as indicated below.

project inventory tracking on the footer of the applicable forms

What table and field name is used to store project specific inventory quantities that’s reserved in a virtual location.



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9 replies

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Hi @DanWats  Hope you are looking for the below information.

Table Name: INSiteStatus



Hi Naveen,

Thanks for the response.

I’ve reviewed the suggested table (INSiteStatus) but it is missing the project values and the related reserved quantities associated the warehouse. I expect the table to contain fields for; Site (Warehouse), Location, Project, Task and the Reserved-quantity.


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Hi @DanWats , I’m NOT sure that we can see the QtyAvailable, Qty OnHand with Project ID and Task values. 

If you wanted to see Project fields along with Inventory Transaction you can check the INTran table.

This table will have the information on the each Inventory Transaciton.


Hi @Naveen B,

I believe the Project/Task quantity on hand and quantity available is stored somewhere. The INTran table info will not provide the ideal analysis for this requirement. The fact that the highlighted quantities on the screen below get displayed in the footer after the project and task is selected on the item line indicates that the record exists somewhere in one of the tables.

Issue form showing the reserved project quantity (Highlighted)

Will look some more to see what can be found.


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@DanWats , you can find the description of the whole ‘Project Material Management’ feature in the release notes for 21R2 (, Projects and Construction: Inventory Tracking section (starting from p.296). The general description of showing and storing available quantity is described in the Calculation of Item Availability subsection.

Is this information enough or do you need to know the exact dac fields used for showing this availability?

Hi @mvolshteyn,

Thanks for the suggestion.

I read that documentation and have a clear understanding of the feature however, the challenge is with reporting. There should really be a report to show the analysis of the quantity reserved for the projects but it’s not currently available that’s why I still need to know the exact dac fields so that I can design the report or create a generic inquiry that provides this information.


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@DanWats , sure:

these ‘yellow’ quantities are taken from the  PMSIteStatus table record with the

  • Inventory Id, Warehouse Id corresponding to the sales order line
  • Project Id =
    • if the Project Id speicified in SO has the *Inventory Tracking* other than by Location (PMProject.AccountingMode <> ‘L’), this Project Id speicified in SO
    • if the Project Id speicified in SO has the *Inventory Tracking* = by Location, the ‘non-project’ (0)
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@DanWats , this was the calculation for a *sales order* (for some reason, I assumed the calculation was needed for the SO). For inventory documents , including issue, the calculation is basically the same, but

  • the PMLocationStatus table is used as as availability source it Location is specified in the line
  • the PMLotSerialStatus table is used as as availability source it Lot/Serial Nbr is specified in the line

Hi @mvolshteyn,

That looks like it! Those tables have the quantity details relating to the projects and tasks.

Thank you!


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