PO Link Button on Closed Sales order (needed for Warranty)

  • 4 November 2022
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When ordering major components on a project, I will “mark for PO” on the sales order.  After the product is received and sales order invoiced the PO link tab is cleared so you can’t go back into an old sales order to establish what PO the product was ordered in on.  When dealing with warranty claims, all of my suppliers require me to supply the PO number that the product was ordered on for traceablility.  Why is this field wiped out when going back to check a historical Sales order?


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7 replies

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Hi @Kurt Mayberry 

Can you maybe provide screen shots of what you are seeing and what you are trying to accomplish?

The 1st screenshot is what happens when you mark for PO.  The PO Link tab provides you with a quick visual of the PO the parts are ordered on.  The 2nd screenshot shows what happens when you go back to a historical Sales order and want to see what PO they were ordered on (for warranty claim).  The “PO Link” tab is not available, and the “Line Details” field is empty too.  I don’t know how else to find it, other than trial and error on the item history.  Am I missing something?  

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It’s available through the PO. On the PO click the “view SO Demand” button and you’ll see the SO. 

You can possibly create a GI with that data so you can filter it based on the SO.

Jeff, if I already knew the PO, I wouldn’t have an issue.  Its the PO that I’m trying to determine based on the customer SO.

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Correct. What I’m saying is that the info still exists on a table, and you can expose it via a GI. 


I have a GI that has all sales orders items and PO’s linked to it. You can do the same in reverse.

We are seeing the same thing, it was not like this until a couple months ago.

Why would the info be removed from the sales order, this is an import link to the po even after the po is received and the sales order invoiced.

Should not need to create a GI to find this info.

Has anyone heard if this will be restored


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We found an answer to this with help from @jon95: 

The details of the PO can be viewed on the SO if you select the line item and view the “Line Details”.  This will show the allocations associated with the SO line item, you may have to adjust the filter from “Active” to “All Records”.  the linked PO will be shown there.


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