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  • 27 December 2022
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We have a client migrating from Sage 100 to Acumatica.  Currently, the have their Sage Sales Order form customized to Page Break after the user enters an * in the Item field in the SO entry screen.  I see there is a page break option which can be done by groups but don’t see how to accomplish the client’s need of user defined page breaks.  Anybody have any ideas on this one?  Crystal Reports/Sage 100 seems to handle this quite nicely  but stumped on how to do it in Acumatica.


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I looked into this requirement, and it appears that it is only possible to add page breaks to an entire section/group of the report using the page break property in report designer.

It doesn't provide the option to add page breaks after particular rows within the section itself unfortunately.

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@tmckee54 @MinushaWeerasuriya76 

Actually, I guess you can make it work. I suggest:

  1. Open the report you want to customize using Acumatica Report Designer.
  2. Locate and Duplicate the section you want to add a page break on it. You will have your original section above the copy you created.
  3. Remove all of the labels and fields (if any) from the copy you created and reduce its height to zero.
  4. Add a variable to the Original section to check whether this should trigger a new line or not something like “Name: NewPageByAstrix and ValueExpr: =CBool(IIf(InStr([DAC.Field], '*')<>-1, 1, 0))
  5. Set the newly created section PageBreak: After and VisibleExpr: =$NewPageByAstrix=True

I tested this on GL Trial Balance Summary and worked fine. I am not so familiar with the Sales side to test it but the logic is the same.


That would be nice for Acumatica to add an Expression for Page Break same as Visibility Expression.

Awesome thanks Aaghaei!  That worked perfect!

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Thanks for the info Aaghaei!! Greatly appreciate it


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