Limit to single lot/serial in warehouse location

  • 20 October 2023
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In our warehouse, only one lot/serial can be stored in a location at the time. In Acumatica is there a feature or method to limit the location to store only one lot/serial number?


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6 replies

Hi team,

Please let me know if I need to open a new discussion regarding this topic/question.

We downloaded the Lot/Serial number pkg, but in my installation, I don’t see the screen…IN202501.Is there something we need to do to activate this screen or is it not available from the Github package? Thank you so much in advance!!!


Lot/Serial screen (IN202501) can be used to assign Attribute values, image, description, detailed description, Sales Price, MSRP and E-Commerce settings at individual Lot/Serial Number (IN202501); values are defaulted from Stock Item (IN202500) during receiving process


Thank you all for the response @kandybeatty49. Seems like have to go with the customized route in order to limit one lot per location.

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HI @rohaochao 

There is currently nothing out of the box that will essentially lock a lot/serial number to a warehouse. 

There is a package on GitHub for Lot/Serial numbers that has some good reports for Lot/Serial Numbers. One is the Lot/Serial number Search, it will tell you warehouses and locations which could help you check to see if more than one lot is in a location. 

You could have a developer customize it a bit more to add the security for the features you need. 

Here is the link for that customization and the features:


This extension allows to add attribute support to Lot/Serial Number so that each Lot/Serial Number's unique characteristic (Example – color variation, stone pattern etc. in case of Granite Slab) can be tracked. With this extension, you can:

  • View Lot/Serial numbers in listing Screen (IN2025LS)
  • Define numeric type (Integer and Decimal) of controls for Attributes (CS205000)
  • Define attributes to be tracked for each Lot/Serial class
  • Assign attribute values, Manufacturing Lot/Serial number while receiving items via Allocations dialog in Inventory Receipt (IN301000), Purchase Receipt (PO302000) and Move (AM302000) Screens
  • Assign attribute values and image for individual Lot/Serial Number (IN202501)
  • Assign description, detailed description, Sales Price, MSRP and E-Commerce settings at individual Lot/Serial Number (IN202501); values will be defaulted from Stock Item during receiving process
  • Bulk assignment of attribute values via Import Scenario
  • Access custom Web Services Endpoint (eCommerceLotSerial) exposing Lot/Serial Screen (IN202501)
  • Search and allocate Lot/Serial Number by attribute value/s in Sales Order (SO301000) and Material (AM300000) Screens
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Hi @rohaochao Also, please find the below lotserial class configurations that provides you a unique reference for the day. This lotserial class can be assigned on all the items of the warehouse.

Note: Acumatica throws an error if you are trying to assign a new type of lotserial class to an which is already used in transaction.


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Hi @rohaochao Please find the below screenshot showing the constant lotnumber configuration in the Lotserial Class.


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Hi @rohaochao Please find the below steps. 
1. A lotserial class can be created to use a constant

  1. Assign this lotserial class to all those items belonging to a specific warehouse.


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