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  • 12 August 2022
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I am trying to figure out how to look at the landed costs for a stock item.

We can see the Inventory value but we cannot see ‘how’ these values were determined.

I’m looking for a query or report that would list an item’s cost history, it’s receipts, whether or not the cost came from the purchase, whether or not the cost came from a landed-cost entry, etc.  

Can anyone point me in a direction or give the the DAC’s that might be involved in creating a Generic Inquiry so that we could get at that level of data?

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Where the cost comes from and ability to see the “layers” depends on the Valuation method of your items.

If you are using a layered inventory method like Average, then you can see Landed Cost entries along with merchandise purchase price and COGS in the Inventory Valuation - Detailed version.

Example STANDARD cost (not layered method):

Landed Costs look like “Adjustment” in the above screen shot. This is a Standard Cost item so LC shows $0 and posts to Landed Cost Variance instead. We can see historical transactions - Receipts, Issues (cogs). Cost on the above item will always be Qty X standard cost listed in the Cost/Price tab of the item.

I don’t see a report or inquiry that differentiates Landed Cost adjustments from regular adjustments. Adding the Reason Code to the above report will likely work, to identify LC adjustments.

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Thank you for your reply Laura.

We can see the adjustments on the Inventory Valuation Detail report but we still don’t have any reports or GI’s that get us down to the ‘layer’ of inventory.  The client is satisfied with the report as presented to her as she can click on the Adjustment links and find out more about what it was that affected the cost of the item.  So you’ve answered the question sufficient for the client.  Thank you.

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Attached is an old query from the inventory training course to show the cost layers. Probably needs to be changed to reflect multi-currency.,  You can also check the box in Inventory Transaction History to include landed cost.


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