Item Warehouse Detail doesn't get added automatically?

  • 26 January 2023
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I could’ve sworn that when an SO Line gets created for a new combination of stock item + Warehouse, it automatically adds this to the Item Warehouse Detail table. Maybe I was dreaming though, or mixing that up with InSiteStatus. Now we’re discovering a bunch of Sales Order Lines w/ no “cost” because an Item Warehouse Detail row doesn’t exist for that Warehouse (even though a Current Cost exists on the Stock Item profile). 

Similar to the “Recalculate Prices” action on the Sales Order screen, is there (or could there easily be) a “Recalculate Costs” action? I’d like to avoid deleting a line and recreating it just to get the cost to retroactively fill in.

Have any other customers, who deal with multiple warehouses, found a good solution to this problem? I guess I assumed that Acumatica was doing more intelligent automations on the back-end to ensure standard cost data integrity, but I guess not. 


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Hi @max21 ,

I tested this in 2022R2, and I found that when a Sales Order line is added for an Item / Warehouse combination, the Warehouse is added automatically to the Warehouses tab on the Stock Items form.

Here is my testing:

AACOMPUT01 current warehouses:

Saved a Sales Order for this item, Quantity 1.00,  for the VA-RETAIL:


VA-RETAIL was added automatically to the Warehouses tab on the Stock Items screen:


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Thanks @Hannah Barnes, and I see the same results most of the time. I just tested a simple scenario in our sandbox (we’re on 22R1) and it automatically adds the warehouse detail like you just validated. 

However, I have several examples in our live site where this is not the case. Can you think of any settings (on stock items, customer profiles, order types, etc.) that would prevent this from happening automatically? 

And is there not a way to “Recalculate Costs” on an open SO?

Thanks for the help

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Any more thoughts on this @Hannah Barnes, or should we submit a support ticket?

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Hi @max21  were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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@Chris Hackett thanks for checking in.
I’ve since learned that when an Item x Warehouse combination doesn’t exist and its added to a sales order, it does add the combination to the Item Warehouse Details table. However, it still puts a $0 cost on that SO Line, even though the Stock Item has a cost. Acumatica support has identified this as a bug. They have not informed me of when it will be fixed. The only way to get it to update its cost is to change the warehouse briefly on the SO Line, then change it back—which is not a reliable solution, but works okay in some cases. 

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Hi @max21 can you please DM me the case# if support had provide you with that? -Dana


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