Item(s) - No Charge (Free or 100% discount) - How to Handle Sls Order & Shipping?

  • 8 December 2021
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We are a distribution customer and new to Acumatica.  So please be gentle in your responses as this is my first post.  I did a forum search and believe that there are not any topics that have already addressed this question.

We need the ability to either discount (up to 100% of the price) or provide an item(s) as “FREE”.  

Scenario’s when this is necessary Carrier Lost Shipment, Item(s) damaged in Transit, Item missing from the shipment, warranty replacement or simply provide customer with a marketing freebie. .  I consider all of these as advance replacement.  One additional scenario is that we need to refund a portion of the original sales price because we charged the wrong amount (for an item(s)) on the original sales order (maybe a discount code or contract price wasn’t properly applied or our the owner of the SO just failed to give a 1x discount as part of a price match).

The above scenarios are typically handles where there is almost never an expectation for the physical item to be returned (exception might be warranty items, but these items usually aren’t returned because of item weight/shipping cost).  We believe that we can use the RM Order Type to handle most of this, but the above scenarios often occur before an invoice is created or is paid - we want to link the RM transaction to the appropriate SO line items for future reporting.


Any advice is welcome


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Hi @hmarambio,

Congratulations on your first post to this community.

Replacement items for carrier lost shipment, damaged items, warranty

The RM order type is designed to handle returns with refunds. The refund invoice won’t be processed until you have entered a Receipt transaction indicating you have received the goods to be refunded. It doesn’t allow you to do a new shipment either (this is what the RR, Return with Replacement order type does, but again you won’t have a shipment). Both RM/RR let you link to an existing invoice, but not an order.

I would suggest creating a new SO, setting price to 0 and using a special reason code indicating the reason for shipping at no charge. There’s no way to link to an existing order in this case out of the box, but a customization by your Acumatica partner to add a new button that let’s you pick from previous sales order from this customer.

Adjustments to un-invoiced orders (refund a portion of an order)

The simplest would be to correct the actual SO or invoice -- is it too late for you because shipments have been created? 

Otherwise, you can create a CM (Credit Memo) order. You could use the same custom popup/fields I described in the scenario above to link your credit to an existing sales order line.

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Thanks for information.  

But you are correct that in my scenario its too late to edit SO or Invoice because of an open shipment.

I am going to work thru Credit Memo option.


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