Is there an area on the site where Customer Complaints about the software can be shared?

  • 25 January 2022
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Is there an area on the site where Customer Complaints about the software can be shared?

6 replies

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hi @Jp89,

When your indicating as customer complaints, what type of complaints your actually referring to. 


  1. System allows duplicate barcode entries as alternates to Inventory IDs
  2. Cannot segregate access for users creating invoices and those that should do Credit memos
  3. Open Item Statement does not reflect transactions for the month that occurred.
  4. If you setup VAT Exclusive for processing Invoices - it comes out wrong on the Daily Sales report
  5. When Inventory is sold an Inventory Issue is created… Dr COGS, Cr Inventory, but you cannot match this back to invoice that was raised for the original sale.
  6. Kit Disassembly - you cannot allocate costs (Imaging e.g. in the Beef Industry where you don't assemble first - you disassemble first.
  7. You cannot have approvals for the Opening of a Supplier or Customer Account
  8. Credit Card processing does not work in Africa
  9. Cannot simply take stock using a hand held (scan barcode and enter quantities)
  10. When you do a Return for Credit - it shows up on the Inventory "Issues" - when it should appear of "Inventory Receipts"
  11. OFX file import does not work properly because of overlap transactions within sequential OFX files received from banks - then second import is simply thrown out because of the first identified duplicate entry, instead of Acumatica marking this as duplicated and import the remaining transactions.

The above are just complaints that I have to deal with and support cases are logged where necessary. My client was wondering where he could raise his complaints.

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I am the ERP Product Manager - Product Success here at Acumatica for the Distribution Edition.

If you are currently at the Acumatica Summit, I invite you to visit the Acumatica booth to provide your feedback and ask your questions.

I would also like to meet with you virtually, via Teams to learn more about the list you have compiled and to get a better understanding of the challenges that you are facing.  I will be emailing you proposed meeting dates/times.



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  1. Yes this is true, mainly because users wanted flexibility to utilize vendor and customer bar codes.  Since many of these numbers are custom, flexibility is required.
  2. A simple no code customization could require a checkbox to be pressed if in credit memo.  That checkbox (custom field) could be secured.
  3. The statement has a cut off date and if transactions are added even before, reprinting the statement won’t change it.  This is by design so the statement isn’t a moving target.  Regenerate statement on demand should refresh and give you interim date statement
  1. In the line details of the Issue document, the field is hidden.  You can click the field chooser and add SO and Shipment numbers and tie it back
  1. You can with no code start all customers on hold and control the security to how to take them off hold.  Let data entry people create the customers, but cannot use the customers until someone reviews and changes the status to active
  1. There is a receive  with the WMS option.  We do this to many times to get initial stock levels into system

These are a few answers that hopefully you can work with


@gmercede - Thanks very mcuh

3 - Show me an Open Statement where the last 3 payments made in the last month is reflected and how those payments had been allocated to invoices?

5 - Customer in question does not want to use SO and Shipment and do Invoicing directly.

7 - good point - thanks (should be standard feature though) - actually the approval record is required - as is done for documents.

9 - I think you have to purchase the full warehouse module - while a straight forward shop needs to be able to do stock counts unlike analog to print sheets and then recapture those results

  1. Yes this is true…..


so how does Acumatica then handle e.g. Stock ID 1234 with bar Code ABC, and then Stock ID 4321 with Bar Code ABC… Acumatica will have a hard time identifying the correct inventory to use when the barcode is scanned.



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