Is there a way to restrict sales ability to sell stock item to only to a certain customer?

  • 6 September 2023
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We have a set of stock items, and those items are allowed to sell to only a customer.  Is there a way we can restrict so we don’t sell to other customers?


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Yes, you can set up Row Level Security → Restriction Groups to link Stock Items, Users, and Customers to create a situation where certain items can only be sold to certain customers.  Here is a link where someone successfully linked, using the Salesperson with items and customers.  There is a lot of detail in this link, including info from Dana Moffat, Acumatica Employee


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I tried the suggested solution, it doesn't work.  Following is what i did;

  1. Created a restriction group and added Inventory Item first and saved.
  2. For the same group I added Customer and User.
  3. I could go and create sales order for different customer for the restricted inventory item.

Not sure what I am doing wrong.  Any help is appreciated.


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Update: my previous post was incorrect. Here is a better answer:

There is no way (yet) to restrict Customers and Inventory Items. 

10 months ago, at the time this first link below was posted, Dana Moffat of Acumatica was conducting interviews with clients and collecting ideas. Details can be found here:

We can vote for the idea to allow restriction of items and customers here (link):

Restrict product availability by customer

One possible work-around is provided by Doug Johnson of Acumatica in the second link above.


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You can restrict it to a specific user, the sales rep for that customer for example.  @dougmcbride79 I think posted about that.  That does work.  I think the issue above was you were in the restricted group so you were no longer restricted.  It's restrict the user from entities and profiles, not entities from profiles.

Another alternative, especially since you mentioned UOM, would be to use prices.  Set the default or base price to a very high number, this can be done for a specific UOM and warehouse as well when using base prices.  Then put the actual price in as a customer price.

Other work arounds would be a Business event to alert you when it does sell the wrong customer or even edit the sales order, put it on hold or add a note.  

Setting up related items for this to create another reminder that another item should be used may help.

I've also seen rarely sold products set to No Sales status and the item would be changed for that order.  This is only practical for very rare items though. 

Unfortunately every non-customization solution I can think of requires a person to not do it wrong, Doug's solution greatly reduces how many people it impacts.  


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