Is conditionally access control possible on certain buttons?

  • 1 July 2021
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       Take the “release from hold” button on SO screen for example. Currently, I can set this button only can be clickable by certain users using “access rights” function.



        But if I set by “acess rights” ,it would effect on all customers on all Sales orders.

What I want is to for only certain customer/customer class that we limit the access rights of the “release from hold” button to only a few users. 
For the rest, all users have right to click the button.

Is it possbile?


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5 replies

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This is just a theory, but you may be able to use 2 different buttons.  You set the security around each button based on the user.  You then find an unused field on the customer (maybe shipping terms or FOB) and use that to store whether or not that customer requires extra security.  Once you have those in the place, you use the Workflow engine to enable/disable each button based on the value in that “unused field”.

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Yes @ray20  It is possible. You can create a new Role, where they can not access this button and assign this Role to the users (who are having limited access). 


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We are just starting our journey to moving to 21r1 so I don’t have much experience yet with the workflow engine. 

Here is a recording of a panel discussion on the workflow engine that may help you and a link to the W150 course at the bottom of the that page.

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@Naveen B 
Hello, I am sorry, I might not explain my need clearly.

Supposing we have user a, user b, user c, and customer a, customer b, customer c
The acess control should be depended on the  customer, not just the user roles.

Like, for Sales order from customer a and b, all the users can freely click “release from hold”
But for for Sales order from customer c, Only user C is allowed to click “release from hold”


The feature I want here is very like to approvement workflow. Only certain user can approve certain customer’s documents.  The reason I ask this, is our operation does not like approval workflow, because it would effect on all doc to get initial status hold. 

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Hello, thank you for your bright idea. Speaking of workflow engine,
do you know how to skip the “hold” status when using approval workflow.

What I want is to make all docs be created in open (or auto release from hold to open)?
I’ve posted my question here.




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