Inventory Posting classes not being used when creating ISSUE

  • 22 June 2023
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Hi All,

Just to give details about the Problem I am facing here, the process my customer is using is that they receipt inventory and store inventory. They distribute this inventory  to different internal warehouses. Each inventory is consumed so an IN ISSUE is raised for this when the goods are consumed.

We have different posting classes assigned to each inventory classes which in turn has the COGS account.

I have noticed when I raise an issue it uses reason code “ISSUE” GL account code when a GL batch is created. I can create different reason codes for each item class but then user will need to select the right reason code based on each line item and its associated reason code linking account which makes it difficult double entry.

Can anyone suggest a better alternative please?

can we force the system to use posting class when an ISSUE is raised.

Happy to have a discussion and provide more details if necessary.

Please see an example below.



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5 replies

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I dont think you can overrule the reason code without a customisation. Something along the lines of creating a reason for each item class and be able to save this against the items class and then when you do an issue the system would default this reason code on to the line on the issue.

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@dcomerford  Thanks for your response. I checked the posting class and the item class, the only reason code I could spot on the screen on posting class was PI reason code. Could you please advise how i can associate a reason code to stock item?


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It would be a customisation that you would have to have done just a suggestion on the design of it.

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Hi All,

Finally found an answer. This can be achieved without a customization.

There is another way this can be achieved via Sales order Process.

I created a dummy customer with 100% discount. 100% discount is required as I don't want to generate an income.

Create an Order type for quick SO processing and assign it to the dummy customer. In this case Issues will be the same as that of the sales order and no invoice or shipment is created, It will be automatically created.

When the SO is posted it will use the posting class of the item (which has different COGS account as against one standard 5000 COGS account).


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