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  • 13 September 2023
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HI All,

We are a trading company in construction business. We buy products from oversea supplier, and product is customized to fix with specific project, which means the components of product may not be changed but the qty of component to create a finished product will be changed, and the dimension of finished product will change too.

For example, I got an order 1 Movable Wall for Project A, 1 Movable Wall for Project B (because of different project, the finished Movable Wall will be in different size). The information related to 2 Movable Wall is display as below table:

Product Component Component QTY Packages QTY
Movable Wall Project A Frame 1 2
  Wall 1 2
Movable Wall Project B Frame 2 3
  Wall 3 5
  Power Column 1 1


The issue here is how to set up Inventory ID and manage item correctly.

  • If creating item as Component Level (each component will be 1 item code → total 3 items code for above example). We cant manage the qty of packages in item. Ex: Movable Wall Project B, there are 2 Frames with 3 packages. How to let the Warehouse guys know, when we issue 2 Frames, they need to takes 3 packages and there are some case we issue only 2 packages for installation first and 1 package can be delivered later.
  • If creating item as Product Level (using only 1 item code called Movable Wall) can be easier to manage QTY of package. Ex: Movable Wall Project B, we can receive 1 item Movable Wall with 9 packages. If I want to take 2 packages for delivery first, I can record it as 0.22 QTY of Movable Wall (not perfect but that’s current I thought it can work). However, for this way, I can't track the component in the products.

I think this is a regular case for trading company in construction.

So, hope to have your advice on this case.

Thanks in advance,

Yên Chi

4 replies

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Hello @chidao, isn't that what you're looking for?


Hi @Julia Lukina thanks for your sharing info. Generally, we are looking for the function to manage the nbr of packages for each item. 

Which means, when we receive 1 item some how we can know the nbr of pack of that item also

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Hi @chidao were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

@Chris Hackett I am still stuck on this case


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