How to Create Custom entity in Big commerce stores screen?

  • 18 October 2021
  • 3 replies

I want to add Custom entity as “Customer Contacts” in Acumatica Big commerce stores screen
please refer below screenshot



Best answer by Naveen Boga 18 October 2021, 14:06

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3 replies

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I’m 2 months late, but in case anyone else stumbles across this you actually wouldn’t need to add it to that class specifically you can just implement the IProcessorsFactory interface and set the ConnectorType to “BCC”(BCConnector.TYPE).


Short explanation is that the system registers all instances of that interface and then effectively merges the ProcessorTypes that are returned based on the ConnectorType.


public class MyBCProcessorsFactory : IProcessorsFactory
public string ConnectorType => BCConnector.TYPE;

public IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<Type, int>> GetProcessorTypes()
yield return new KeyValuePair<Type, int>(typeof(MyCustomProcessor), 160);


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@Naveen Boga How do you suggest to add the custom processor to this method considering is not set as virtual and the BCProcessorsFactory class is not a graph?

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Hi @hemalathab13,    To add the new processor under the “Entity Settings” in the “BigCommerce Stores” screen, we need to work with BCConnector file, where Acumatica is added all the processors in this file.

As you need to add the “Customer Contracts”, you need to add under the “GetProcessorTypes” method. Please find the screenshot for your reference and hope this helps!




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