Historical Sales Order 'Backlog'

  • 22 September 2022
  • 6 replies

If you run the Sales Order Summary Report (SO610500) with no beginning date, the current date as ending and and additional filter of status not equal to complete, you would get a list if all Sales Orders that still need to be filled the their Open Qty and Open Amount.  I would call this the ‘Sales Order Backlog’ or Open Balance

I would like to see this same “Backlog” as of a historical date , say a year ago.  How could this be done? not quite sure where to begin…  thoughts?



6 replies

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@dsimmerly - You can select the end-date back in the history. 



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@dsimmerly - You can also create Additional Sort and Filters for the date on that report.


@RohitBhandurge The resulting report with a end date in the past would not give a list of open order on that date it would provide the current status which would be complete



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@dsimmerly - Sorry. I actually meant START DATE back in the history.


Also, you try those Additional Sorts and Filters. Moreover, you can create a GI with Data Parameters. It would be much more flexible.

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@dsimmerly - I just did a slight modification on the standard Sales Order GI to add Open Quantity and Unpaid Balance. You can do that as well. You can use the data filters to retrieve the required data. Let me know if you need this xml.


@RohitBhandurge I am sorry this does not provide my need.  

Let me ask in a very specific way - I need a list if all orders that on this date a year ago were in the open status


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