Enter Landed Costs and Pay AP Bill Prior to PO Reciept?

  • 11 January 2022
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From my brief research and testing it would not appear that Acumatica allows for a workflow where Landed Costs can be entered and paid for prior to the purchase receipt. Has anyone figured out a way to accomplish this cleanly? 


Like many companies, we are importing items from overseas and paying some significant landed costs in the form of freight and duties. We want to capture these costs and apply them to our item costs, but often we need to pay bills before items are received. Neither the freight companies or the brokers are interested in waiting for us to receive the inventory before they get paid and I imagine this is a very common scenario - is this a simple oversight in the Acumatica functionality? or have I missed something obvious? 


Appreciate any insight others have in this area





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Hi @kyle90 

You can use AP Prepayments to pay the vendor before creating Landed cost document and AP bill.

  • Create a prepayment request on AP bills & Adjustment screen
  • Create a check on Checks and Payments screen for above Prepayment
  • This generates a Prepayment document on AP checks and Payments screen.
  • When an AP bill is generated for Landed cost, one can apply above prepayment to the Landed cost AP bill.

Hope this helps.


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We also have a customer in the same situation.  They are using the Prepayment as suggested above to pay the freight vendor ahead of the time.  In addition, they have a need to capture the Landed Cost before they receive the Vendor Invoice/AP Bill.  To accommodate this, they have setup additional Landed Cost Codes to help them enter and track this.  They created one called “Estimated Land Cost” and will use this to enter the landed cost amount based on the estimate/quote from the freight company.  Then when they get the actual freight bill, they enter a second landed cost, using a landed cost code called “Land Cost Adjustment”, to true up the amount which can be entered as a positive or negative amount. 

They add both LC entries to the AP Bill.  

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Hi @joellen53 ,

I’m interested in meeting you to discuss your idea.  We are currently gathering requirements and seeking to simplify the process for entering landed costs and paying the AP bill prior to the PO receipt.  



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Hi @kyle90 ,

I’m the ERP Product Manager - Product Success here at Acumatica and I would like to meet you virtually to talk about Landed Costs.

We are currently gathering business requirements and are investigating how we could improve the Landed Costs functionality.

Can i go ahead and send you a meeting invite with proposed date/times to meet?




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Thank you @kyle90 for meeting with us today.

This is an open invitation to other likers or commenters on this thread to reach out to me if they would like to participate in the requirements gathering process that we conduct when considering product improvements.

thanks -Dana

We are also very interested - Dana - feel free to reach out to me.


Hi @Dana Moffat,

I would be very interested to speak with you about this thread. 

Please reach out to me when you are available. 

Thank you. 


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