Demand Forecast Model for Stock Transfers.

  • 14 July 2023
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I have a below scenario I need some guidance/inputs on.

We have a Main Warehouse and few Retail Store Locations that operate as individual Warehouses.

The Main Warehouse serves the Distribution Center to replenish all the Store Locations. 

We are using Demand Forecast Model with Moving Average to replenish the Main Warehouse (Distribution Center). This is working fine.


Here is the requirement:

We replenish the Sore Locations by using Replenishments of type Transfer with the Main Warehouse being the Source Warehouse. We want to use Demand Forecast Model to replenish the Store Locations. From what I tested, the Demand Forecast Model to replenish the Store Locations by using the Replenishment of type Transfer is not calculating the Mins. and Maxes. 

Any thoughts if this can be worked out?

5 replies

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HI @RohitBhandurge 

The system will not create a sales order type of TR unless the item is marked for purchase as the source.

  1. Ensure that you have Transfer as the source, unless you want an SO of the TR type created.
  1. Then prepare the Replenishment:
  1. The system automatically creates the receipt:



  1. If you want to create the SO, make sure the inventory item has Purchase as the source
  1. You would then Prepare the Replenishment as about and then Create Transfer Orders
  1. This will then create an SO of the TR type:

*side note, make sure the Mark for PO is unchecked to create the shipment.

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@kandybeatty49 - The Replenishment Methods works perfectly fine for both “Purchase” and Transfers”. I am trying to see if “Demand Forecast Model” works for Replenishments of type “Transfers”. We want the system to calculate the Min. and Max. for Replenishment of type Transfer.

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Hi @RohitBhandurge 

Have you looked at the Calculate Replenishment?

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Hi @RohitBhandurge were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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@Chris Hackett - No l, I haven’t out of the box. Looks like this is something we need to customize. 


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