Define Stock Part Customer Alternate ID for Parent Customers To Use for Child Customers

  • 31 March 2021
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We use Parent/Child Account relationships extensively for our Customer base.  We also use a ton of Customer part numbers as Alternate IDs for our stock items.  This is becoming very difficult to manage when we have some parents with 100 child companies. Is there a way to set an alternate ID of a part number for a Parent account, and have it be used for its child accounts?  We can’t use Global in this scenario because we need to be able to use the alternate IDs on customer facing paperwork as well.  


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5 replies

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What is the makeup of the alternate ids and how are you looking to display them on the customer facing paperwork?

If you could use global cross references you could possibly append a value from the customer record.  I.e. customer id, or some attribute value denoting the part number if special for this customer.

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We could, but it would be easier if the Alternate IDs honored the Parent-Child relationships like the rest of the system does.  I don’t want to make the alternate IDs messier than they already are.  Thank you for the suggestion though.  We may have to consider it if Acumatica doesn’t help.

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We also have the same issue. 

Our scenario is that we sell to chain stores / buying groups etc. These are set up as Parent/Child business accounts in the system. They then have their own particular stock code for our items.

If we could use the Cross References tab to store these codes it would be great.

However the same issue occurs for us, where Cross References allocated to the parent account do not feed through to child accounts.

It is not feasible to do these for each individual child account.

Can this be fixed please?

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Still didn’t answer my question.  Not sure why the reply was marked as “Best Answer”.  I need this to be simple.  For example, we have a Parent Customer “FORES001” that has hundreds of Child Customers under it. Instead of using the SAME alternate part ID for each Child company, I would like to setup the alternate id for FORES001 and have it used by all of the child companies.  No appending anything any different than if I defined the alternate ID for each child individually.  The Parent-child feature in Acumatica is so powerful, but you need to extend the functionality to more of Acumatica.

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This could be done via a customization fairly easily, but I don’t believe there is any easy way to implement it using the current native functionality. 


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