Can I skip the document Hold step when using approval workflow?

  • 23 June 2021
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     I like the approval workflow feature. However, if we enable require approval on Sales order, it would effect on order creation from default Open to Default On hold.

like we have 100 customers, only 5 customers are in need of approval for certain order amount. But now , all orders are will first become on hold, which the operation does not want.

     They want the order still be open by default.

      I know we can set “release from hold” on schedule, but they reject this idea. Is there a way to use approval workflow and at the same time get order in Open status by default?


2 replies

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Thank you for pointing out this direction. I am not quite familiar with new workflow engine, but I am familiar with business event.
I was thinking of business event, but I got an issue I can not solve.

Yes, I can set business event to change order status from Hold to Open automatically, but how can I Judge it is put on hold on purpose by users? 
The new workflow engine might also met this kind of issue.

It can not simply trigger by
IF Order.status = hold,      then set Order.Status = Open,
There are some orders the users does not want the system to change.

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@ray20: Do you know the new Workflow Engine? I think you can create a special workflow with a condition for your requirement. I didn’t done this before but i think this could help you to find a solution.



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