Business Event Conditions display wrong values

  • 17 March 2023
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When I create a Business Event to trigger off of a new GI, the Values in the Trigger Conditions display incorrectly (do not display as it is shown in the GI). The B/E do work correctly, it is just hard to manage this.

Below I am restricting the BE condition to warehouse ID is less than ‘50’ (and customer id is not correct either). But as you can see the Warehouse ID displays ‘less than 411’ (same with the customer id - displays an incorrect value).

I understand it must be using an internal ACM id or something, but how can I get it to display as the actual field in the GI displays? I am not sure what i am doing wrong here.

Business Event conditions


GI displays the Customer ID and Warehouse ID correctly

Any help or idea would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @lburrow62 ,

As you figured, many of the tables in Acumatica are designed with an internal integer key and a second field that is a human readable identifier.

For example the Customer data access class has a primary key of BAccountID and the human readable code is AcctCD.  The INSite table (warehouses) has a primary key of SiteID and the human readable code is SiteCD. 

The SOShipment foreign keys reference the integer fields.  The Generic Inquiry does a join behind the scenes (based on the schema) and automatically displays the human readable codes from the related tables.  If you need to see the human readable code, you can add joins to Customer and INSite in the GI and then explicitly use the fields AcctCD and SiteCD instead of CustomerID and SiteID. 

Keep in mind however that in the business event it is more efficient to avoid extra joins which can bog down the performance.  See requirement #2 in the article below:

Hope this helps!



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