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  • 28 April 2022
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Is there any setting or upcoming feature that will allow our customer to only pre-authorize the credit card for the amount being shipped when using the Create and Authorize process screen?

I saw a pay by line option on the customer record but that did not seem to alter the pre-authorized amount, it always captures the whole sales order.

Our client processes an incredible amount of SOs daily, many of which have back ordered items. Their clients are upset that their credit is tied up by pre-authorizations for the whole order, especially when some of the orders had shipments that were future dated.

I know the pre-authorization falls off after a few days but their clients are still upset.


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This may be a late reply, but I hope it helps someone else.  Here is what worked for me today to pay an amount less than was authroized on the original sales order.


Capture less than pre-authorized on the Sales Order

Create a Sales Order for an amount of product (stock or nonstock) to sell.

Save and Remove Hold on the Sales Order. Then Pre-Auth the potential sale for $200.



Now let’s assume that only 7 out of 10 ship so create a shipment for for 7 items.


Remove hold and confirm shipment. Then create an invoice for 7 items.


Notice that the invoice is for $140 instead of the estimated $200 on the Sales Order. Click on the Aplications tab on the invoice.

Now find your payment in the Receivables >> Payments and Applications screen and open it, or click on the link in the Reference Nbr column. The Payments & Application screen will process the pre-authorized amount and not provide an option to change it.

So close this screen and return to the Invoice screen and the Applications tab. Click on the Capture button on the Invoice » Applications screen.

Now a Release button appears to post this invoice. Click on Release.

After the invoice posts, click on the Finance tab and then click on your finance batch link.

Notice the amount posted is only for the invoice amount.

Now let’s check the payment amount in the Receivables >> Payments and Applications screen. The payment that was formally $200 is now only the amount on the invoice.

As a final step, go back to the payment and invoice screens. Notice both documents are now applied to each other and closed.
Now check the Payments and Applications Card Processing tab. It shows while authorized for $200, only $140 was charged to the card.




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