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We are looking for a way to have Acumatica provide an alternate pick location during the pick process if a sku is not in its expected location.  As an example, the mobile app directs the picker to get a quantity of 3 of sku A from pick location 123.  The picker goes there and only 2 units are available, even though the system believes 3 should be there.  This could be due to a prior receiving issue or miscount.  But, we have more units of sku A in other pickable locations. 

How can we tell the system there is only 2 in location 123 and direct the user to another location where sku A lives to complete the pick process and pick the full order?  We don’t want to close out the order as a short ship if we have more units in the building.  Ideally, we also want the system to correct the inventory issue in location 123 as well.


Thank you!


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I also have this need as the same item may lie in various locations in the same warehouse

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 @mattkohls / @andre89  - I believe this has been a common request of improved functionality for a while now. As far as I am aware, the only way to see the Inventory Availability would be navigate away from the Order/Shipment Pick on the Mobile App.

Are you using Pick Tickets? The form can be manipulated to show availability/Pick Priority as needed. 


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