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  • 10 March 2022
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Hi All,

 Currently looking to automate a bill payment into Acumatica after processing the payment using an automated payment method for a client, I have seen that the only method is to create a “check” payment but this only creates a record of a payment not specifically against a bill, is there any way to create a payment that would be assigned to a specific bill ?

Could we create a DebitAdj against a bill, documentation seems to be rather lacking in this area.




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3 replies

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Hello @Danch,

I recently configured automated bill pay for a client and I can tell you how we are doing it.

We have a payment method “CorPay” (the name of the outside party that processes payments), a method that does not require printing and does not produce a batch. We connected this Payment method to our vendors as the default.

The client Prepares and Processes Payments for Corpay method and releases them. We wrote a Generic Inquiry that reports to Corpay the list of Bills that will be processed (with our Corpay reference numbers that “Paid” the bills). The GI is scheduled, with an automated Export Scenario that runs every night, using the Payment Date to “scoop up” Bills to be paid every night and send the file to the outside company’s FTP. Corpay processes the payments and sends back to Acumatica the payment records that went out of their system. 

The reconciliation part is still in progress, in design stages: we will use Bank Reconciliation, import cleared items from the bank, to reconcile what we submitted to Corpay to be paid, with the actual payments from Corpay.  Right now the reconciliation is manual (using reconciliation screen to match). 




 Thanks for that, another question, when doing the payment via rest api, is there a way to assign it to a bill directly as in testing it seems to assign itself to another bill of the same amount & not the bill we want to pay ?



i am working on implementing Acumatica Create invoice but failed to add addresses through RestApi kindly anyone tell me how can i send Address billto and shipto address in body 



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