API Integration Issue; not all records being sent

  • 16 March 2022
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Good day,  we use the 2020R1 API version 18.200.001 to integrate a cloud-based program called Jitterbitt/Postman..  We use to the API to send payloads with ACM data (address, items, etc)  One situation that has occurred was we had about 6 orders to send; only one payload was transmitted.  Everything was exactly the same on the mapped fields.  Anyone know why the API would only transmit one order but left the others.  The log in Jitterbit/Postman had only one record in the log.  Another question,Iis there a way for me to look at the API transmission?  a log or something that I can go into so I can check activity on the API transmissions?

I know this is vague but we can figure out why one of many payloads would be passed.

Thank you.



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If you are trying to send 6 orders into Acumatica then 6 request should be made.

While you cannot see the exact payload that is being sent this way, you can use the request profiler screen in Acumatica to see the request that are being received by the system.

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@SLavigueur   Thank you for your update.  I am sending orders from ACM to the integration tool Jitterbit/Postman.  We are sending orders out of ACM to integration tool that submits to payload to the 3PL system (either to an FTP or through the vendor API.


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@EvanG Thank you for the information.

But like I mention in my previous response you can use the request profiler to make sure that the request reach the Acumatica site.

Did you try it?

If they reach the site but no record are being created then that would mean an error has been thrown or instead of creating a new record you might be updating an existing one so it seems like nothing happened when a record has actually been updated.

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@EvanG Does ACM == Acumatica?

The Jitterbit service you are using most likely submits data to Acumatica, or requests data from Acumatica. You seem to think the process works in reverse (Acumatica sending data to Jitterbit….and then to the other tool you are integrating). It is important to understand which system is talking to another, and the events that cause one to talk to another.

Acumatica does have push notifications now, which could potentially be used to make Acumatica initiate communication when data changes.

in order to understand why only one order is being sent vs. all 6, we first need to understand which system is initiating communication and on what basis. Is Jitterbit polling Acumatica on a schedule? Is Jitterbit trying to submit all 6 records as a single PUT request (not going to work with Acumatica...but pretty common with other APIs that Jitterbit may integrate with...)


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