PXSelector list doesn't sort by lineNbr

  • 11 February 2022
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I want to sort data displayed in PXSelector by LineNbr
here the Selector:

 PXSelector(typeof(Search<Choixfournisseur.inventoryCD, Where<Choixfournisseur.reqNbr, Equal<Current<Choixfournisseur.reqNbr>>>,OrderBy<Asc<Choixfournisseur.lineNbr>>>), new Type[] { typeof(Choixfournisseur.lineNbr), typeof(Choixfournisseur.orderQty),typeof(Choixfournisseur.itemDesc),typeof(Choixfournisseur.curyEstUnitCost),typeof(Choixfournisseur.curyEstExtCost),typeof(Choixfournisseur.inventory) },ValidateValue = false, Filterable = true)]


But it dosn’t work 

Thanks for your feedback.


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3 replies

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Hi @SadokHanini 

 PXSelectorAttribute will only sort by key(foreign) or a substitute key. Any other field used on the sort won't affect the sorting.

Just you can give a try with custom selector.

Here is the sample code for custom Selector

        [PXDBString(IsUnicode = true)]
        [PXUIField(DisplayName = "Tax Zone", Enabled = true)]
        public string TaxZone { get; set; }

        public abstract class taxZone : BqlString.Field<taxZone> { }

 internal class TaxzoneSelectorAttribute : PXCustomSelectorAttribute
        public PXSelect<TaxZone> Taxzones;
        public TaxzoneSelectorAttribute() : base(typeof(TaxZone.taxZoneID))
        { }
        protected virtual IEnumerable GetRecords()
            object setup = this._Graph.Views["KCFPluginSetup"].Cache.Current;
            CFPluginSetup setup1 = (CFPluginSetup)setup;
            SCPluginSetupExtn extn = setup1.GetExtension<KNSCPluginSetupExtn>();
            if (extn?.TaxZonePreference == SCConstants.ImportManual && !this._Graph.IsCopyPasteContext)
                return PXSelect<TaxZone, Where<TaxZone.isExternal, Equal<False>>>.Select(this._Graph).RowCast<TaxZone>().ToList();
                return PXSelect<TaxZone>.Select(this._Graph).RowCast<TaxZone>().ToList();



This does not work. The order of the GetRecords does not affect the order of the Selector display at all! I spent numerous hours trying this. I do not understand why Acumatica does not give a solution for this obvious issue.

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Hi @julienf99,

Did you get any solution on this?





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