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While making changes to the layout of a sales order screen using the Customization Project Editor I’ve managed to break something. I’m not sure what change caused the problem but it is now in a state where I cannot get the screen to load into the Customization Project Editor and so I cannot make any changes in order to fix. I get the following error:

I’ve had similar issues in the past but usually linked to a problem with a missing view in the VS project and easily fixed, but I cannot seem to fix this and it’s not linked to a problem in VS. I’m sure others will have had similar experiences too. I’m thinking about just deleting the form and starting again but I have done quite a lot of work on the form and it would be a shame to lose it. 

This specific error is about px:control but my question is more general, how do others go about resolving problems like this, when Acumatica cannot display the form because of an problem with the html?


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I do two things that help me when I’ve managed to wreck an Acumatica instance.  1. I create a copy of Web.config as soon as the instance is created so that I can try resetting to the initial state.  2. In dire situations, potentially as above, I will install the configurator of the exact version of my site and run the Upgrade function.  This should return your site files and some database settings to the right state to execute correctly.

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There may be several ways this could be resolved, but even if you can’t use the visual editor to design the form anymore, perhaps you can use File > Edit Project XML to edit it. If that even is not working, export the project as a compressed folder, extract the folder, and open the XML page in an editor. Attempt a fix, rezip the folder, and replace the existing project.

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Thanks for the replies. In this case I was able to get to html/asp code and extract the bits I needed. Then I deleted the page from the customisation package, added it again and then inserted my original code. Then it all worked again. It wasn’t such a big issue in the end, just a bit annoying. I think I probably made a change to another part of the page by accident which caused the problem in the first place.

Thanks again



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