Emulator for you PC - Than run Acumatica Mobile App on top

  • 26 April 2023
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I have used two different Emulators.  

  1. Nox             - FAQ | NoxPlayer FAQ (bignox.com)   (Support.bignox.com)
  2. BlueStacks  - www.bluestacks.com

I initially started using Nox and have stayed with. 

Both are free base on my understanding used for testing.


What this is is a emulator, so you don't have to run tests on you phone.  Instead you setup one of these emulator and then install the Acumatica app on it.  Its Andriod, so you just go to the google apps area and search for the app. When finished using close it down. 

Good for testing.  

This is not a question.  Just sharing. 



9 replies

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@mcraig95 thanks for sharing! 

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Thank you for sharing your tip with the community @mcraig95 !

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I’ve used the BlueStacks emulator quite a bit and it works well for andriod.
Does anyone know of an IOS emulator for windows that actually allows you to download IOS apps? most of our users have iPhones, so that would be very nice to have.

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We use https://www.airserver.com/ for mirroring the phone/tablet to our computer.  It’s not free, but it works great.


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This can be free or paid.  One nice feature, in the free, is the ability to take screen shots of mobile app screen - useful if you need to document a process.

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Lots of options - I use AirParrot for live display of my iPhone on my notebook for demo and training purposes.

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Also, if you want to mirror your phone (iPhone or Android) and take screenshots or videos, I create a Teams meeting, then join from my phone and share my screen.

For mirror our phone / tablet we use https://www.airsquirrels.com/reflector (costs only around 20 EUR)

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Hey thank you all for your responses!
What I’m looking for is an actual IOS emulator for windows. I don’t even know for sure if such a thing exists, because I haven’t been able to find anything.

I do a good bit of Acumatica mobile development on a local Acumatica Instance and since most of our users have iPhones, I want to be able to emulate an Apple device on my local computer and download the Acumatica app for IOS to connect to my local Acumatica instance to view the changes I’m making on the mobile site-map.


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