Don't Copy 'n Paste Invoice Discounts

  • 12 September 2022
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Hey all,

I have a situation with a document discount that when an Invoice is Copy ‘n Pasted it creates a copy of the discount.  I read this article, which is helpful, but I feel I’m missing something because nothing I’ve tried has worked.

I’ve set a PXCopyPasteHiddenView in a PXGraphExtension<ARInvoiceEntry> class:


public PXSelectJoin<ARInvoiceDiscountDetail, InnerJoin<ARInvoice, On<ARInvoice.docType, Equal<ARInvoiceDiscountDetail.docType>, And<ARInvoice.refNbr, Equal<ARInvoiceDiscountDetail.refNbr>>>» Discounts;


I’m wondering if my PXSelect/PXSelectJoin is incorrect and if so what should it be?

Thanks all!


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3 replies

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Hi @asommer 

You need to use the same view name to hide the copy paste  view on the extension graph. Can you please try  like below?

        public PXSelect<ARInvoiceDiscountDetail,
            Where<ARInvoiceDiscountDetail.docType, Equal<Current<ARInvoice.docType>>,
                And<ARInvoiceDiscountDetail.refNbr, Equal<Current<ARInvoice.refNbr>>>>,
            OrderBy<Asc<ARInvoiceDiscountDetail.lineNbr>>> ARDiscountDetails;

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@jinin that worked!  Thank you very much, I appreciate it.


Woops, I clicked the “Best Answer” for my thank you message, but totally meant it to be your reply.

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Hi @asommer - I have fixed the best answer 😀


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