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  • 13 July 2022
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I have a custom field on the inventory item called usrBuyerPlanner. I want to show that data in my MRP Display (AM400000) I have created a custom filed here Called usrBPCode and modified the attributes like so. 

[PXUIField(DisplayName="Buyer Planner")]
[PXFormula(typeof(Selector<AMRPDetailExt.usrBPCode, InventoryItemExt.usrBuyerPlanner>))]

However it does not appear to be pulling in the BPcode from the item. Any thoughts? 



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Hi @cmoreland 

I would try adding a Selector to pull the value. Something like:

[PXUIField(DisplayName="Buyer Planner")]
[PXDBScalar(typeof(Search<InventoryItemExt.usrBuyerPlanner, Where<InventoryItem.InventoryID, Equal<AMRPDetail.InventoryID>>>))]
[PXSelector(typeof(Search<InventoryItemExt.usrBuyerPlanner, Where<InventoryItem.InventoryID, Equal<AMRPDetail.InventoryID>>>),
SubstituteKey = typeof(InventoryItem.inventoryCD),
DescriptionField = typeof(InventoryItem.descr))]

Edit: Please also add a selector to the field so it will format the field with the natural CD key and description if you wish





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