Aligning fields after adding a Form control

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I have a custom screen with some fields in a column. I need to add fields from another view into the same column so I added a Form control. However, once I’ve done so, the alignment of the Form seems to be offset to the left.

Rendered output
Current setup in the screen designer

What setting/property am I missing?


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Hi Community,

Acumatica also allow to add field from another table (another View object) to any Form, Tab or Panel by this approach: DataField = “nameOfView.UsrAnyFieldName”

<px:PXNumberEdit runat="server" ID="CstUsrProductWeight" DisplayFormat="##0.000000" CommitChanges="True" DataField="Item.UsrProductWeight" />

My custom Tab has Form that based on one table and View object, but I add field to Tab from InventoryItem table on Stock Item screen:


Just sharing for anyone who reach this post. I was having a similar issue, this solution didn't work 100% for me but I added the following property to the Form and it worked:


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Thank you for sharing this with the community @edsousa!

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Hi @Django  Have you added the PXLayOutRule in the .aspx page like below?


 <px:PXLayoutRule runat="server" StartColumn="True" LabelsWidth="M" ControlSize="XM" />


If the above is not fixed, please share the customization project here, if possible.

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That did it!  Thank you!

Updated Screen Designer configuration
Fields now in alignment


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Awesome :) Thanks for sharing the update!


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