Discard Changes and Close button missing from email activity after upgrading to 2022 R2

  • 2 June 2023
  • 2 replies

Multiple users have brought this to my attention after upgrading to 2022 R2 release.  They do all of their email out of Acumatica and use the Discard Changes and  Close button and that seems to be missing.  Any way to get that button back?  

It seems in the new release of 2022 R2, when you open an email activity, it opens a duplicate tab, and the Discard Changes and Close button is gone now.  Now you have to close the tab and go back to the previous All Emails tab at the top. We used to have the Discard icon.

I looked but did not see any changes for this in any of the User Guides.



2 replies

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@sdas09 Thank you for responding.  You are correct, if I reply to an email, the Save and Discard button does appear on the new email you are replying too.

However once you reply, the old email is on the screen in a duplicate tab now and there there used to be a button there to go back.  Even if you just opened the email without hitting reply.  My end users would use this button to go back to all emails.  Now the email opens in a duplicate tab and you have to close the duplicate tab and then move to the previous all emails tab and refresh.  It did not used to work like that.  My users immediately noticed the difference because they spend all day in the email area going through the inbox responding and reviewing emails coming into the sales and support email queues.  Now they have a bunch of duplicate tabs open for each email they open up and no back button on the first email to close it.



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Hi @SheilaO92 ,

I just checked the same screen on the Acumatica 2022 R2 version and it has the save and close button. 




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