Is there a way to limit a Project Task and Cost Code combination to only those that exist on a Project Cost Budget?

  • 5 November 2020
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In many screens, such as PO, Issue, AP Bill, Receipt, even Project Transactions, the system allows a user to choose an existing Project Task and then apply any Cost Code existing on the project to that Task even if that combination of Project Task/Cost Code does not exist on the Project Cost Budget.

The system currently adds a new row in the Cost Budget, which to my client is a real issue.

Furthermore, it would be additionally helpful to NOT allow new Task/Cost Code/Account Group combinations beyond what exists on the Cost Budget.

Has anyone else ran across this issue and were you able to prevent it from happening?

9 replies

Has there been any development to this inquiry? 

Not having this capability is causing issues with creating meaningful data reports.

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Anyone get this working and willing to share the code?  I’ve played around with it a bit with no luck...

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This can be achieved by using PXRestrictorAttribute on each data entry screen. See below for more information

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^I’m trying to do the same thing for service orders, but ideally this functionality exists across all relevant screens. 

If a service order is created for a project and I add a service line item to the details, I should only be able to select project tasks and subsequent cost codes that exist in that project. This is the case for the project task, but not for the cost codes. In the web version, there is a tab for “project codes” only, but techs in the field using the mobile app to log time have access to the entire list. 

Even as a tech creating time activities directly to projects via time cards in the mobile app, they have access to the entire list of cost codes and there is no tab for “project codes” only. 

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I have come across this request recently and am keen to see if someone has ever built a customization to prevent cost cost selected in Purchase Order if the cost code is not present in Project Cost Budget.

I am also interested with workaround such as business event to send notification if someone has entered a un-budgeted cost code. 

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The link appears to be different now:


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Please upvote this ‘idea’!

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I agree that this would be very convenient. In fact, I have noticed this myself during demos and I’ve had questions about it.

This would require a controlled addition of a task, phase, cost code and perhaps start the change order process.

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Hi @tsnyder16 

Here is the Budget control option what we have on Document entry (documentation link below). You may post a feature request on our Product idea page ( to extend the functionality to meet your requirement. I don't see an option to restrict use of Project Task/Cost Code combination based on budget.


Hope this helps,



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