Enabling Project-Specific Inventory with Track by Location

  • 15 July 2022
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To get our inventory transactions to have correct financial coding, we were told to:

  • Set Project-Specific Inventory = True on the Enable / Disable Features (CS100000) form
  • Activate all the warehouses on the Warehouses (IN204000) form (there already is a related bug for correcting this behaviour )
  • Initialize Stock on the Recalculate Project Balances (PM504000) form

With the feature enabled, the project keys are correctly filled in the inventory GL transactions and the corresponding PM transactions are generated as expected.

During the change we also updated warehouse GL fields.

However, transactions are erroring due to inventory going negative which is not true since we can see the inventory.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated as always.

Thank you,

Dave Z


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6 replies

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How was the stock brought in, we had a similar issue it turned out stock had been allocated to project x which we transfer from project x to the relevant project which resolved it.

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We found out that all transfers had to be received before initializing stock. This was not documented nor explained by support nor was it found in any searches on what appears to be a minimally documented feature. Very frustrating and caused inventory processing outage.

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Hi, I enabled Project Specifc,  Initalized Stock.  I could entered a Sales Order, but could not ship;  until I did an Inventory Transfer from project X to Customer Project.  


What advantage is this feature if I have do a transaction before I can ship sales orders?

Am I missing something?

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@phillipmarotta Thank you for your feedback.  We are looking into how we can have this transfer done in a different way.  In the meantime, if it works for you, you can allow the item to go negative and reconcile at month end to do all the transfers at that time.  

The transfer step has been brought to our attention and we are considering options.

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thanks for the update,  When I change the Project to “Track by Location”; I am able to enter a Sales Order and ship without the inventory transfer.


The previous setting was Track by Project Qty and Cost.  

The concept would be that during a Project,  you may need to create a PO that you would want to directly assigned to the project from the PO Receipt,  but sometimes they would need to ship the inventory to the job site from stock; thus the SO Shipment process.   

Let me know how it goes.

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@phillipmarotta Thank you for the update and business scenario, I will forward on to the Projects team.


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