Daily Field Report - Subcontractor Crew Reporting - Examples and Best Practices

  • 15 December 2020
  • 3 replies

Acumatica Community - Looking to collaborate and share on the topic of Daily Field Reports in construction (specifically subcontractors)

We are working through our setup and implementation, and I wanted to reach out and see who all out there might be willing to collaborate and share experiences and lessons-learned…

We are a specialty subcontractor in the glass & glazing space, and we typically run crews of 5-6 with 1 supervisor or up top ~20 with 2-3 supervisors on any given job. 

Reach out and I can share more details and see if it makes sense for us to collaborate. 

Thanks, John 



3 replies

Update: It appears that the mobile app version of the Daily Field Report does not allow “crew time” entry … it is only permitting time of the individual logged into the app. 

Meanwhile, on the web-based version, you can enter time for multiple crew members … 

Question: Is anyone aware of a work-around to enable CREW TIME in the DAILY FIELD  REPORT on mobile app? 

Thanks, John 


Hi John


Looking for the same answer on the crew time entry on the daily field report on the mobile app.  Will update you if I learn anything new.


Have a great day.



Update.  This issue can be resolved by completing the following:  


 Acumatica 2020 R2 Update 11 (build 20.211.0037) is now available for download and the issue mentioned in the case has been fixed in the new build.




Hope this helps.


Have a great day.




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